Speech therapy

What is speech therapy and why is it important

Speech-language therapy is the treatment for most children with speech (those having problems with production of sounds) and language (difficulty to understand or put words together to communicate) disorders.

Speech therapists treat problems in the areas of articulation, dysfluency, oral-motor, speech and voice. Children require speech-language therapy for the following reasons:Hearing impairment, cognitive or other developmental delay, birth defects such as cleft palate/cleft lip, autism, breathing or swallowing disorders, traumatic brain injury.


How to beneficiate from the services of a therapist

The speech therapist at the center provides services mainly to the school children. She works with a child on a one to one basis, with a small group or directly in a classroom.

Speech-language therapy uses a variety of therapeutic strategies, including: language intervention activities where there is a lot of interaction between the therapist and the child, through pictures, objects to stimulate language development. In articulation therapy, there is more teaching and correction of sounds.

The therapist is available during school hours (9 to 3 pm) and on appointment during school holidays.



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