The Society for the Welfare of the Deaf


The Society for the Welfare of the Deaf (SWD) was incorporated under the Act no 37 on the 5th of July 1968.

It's role was to cater for the well being of Deaf persons.

The objectives of the SWD when it was created were:

  • To aid, train and Educate all Deaf persons in Mauritius.
  • To assist them in obtaining medical treatment and suitable employment
  • To grant them any material relief of which they may be in need
  • To erect, open and manage such training centers, schools and hostels as may be deemed necessary.


The facilities offered at the beginning were:

  • Registration of deaf persons since 1965, in collaboration with Min of health, Education and British Red Cross Society
  • Medical Examination of Deaf persons at Victoria Hospital (Dr C Madhoo and Dr Francois Guy)
  • Opening of the school for the Deaf on 13 th April 1970, a temporary school was opened at St Hugh’s home, Rose Hill on 6 th october 1969, pending the construction of the new building in Beau Bassin.


Those that were behind the creation of the SWD

The Minister of Health and Social Services in February 1965 (Sir Guy Forget) appointed a committee for the formation of the SWDEAF. The Social welfare commissioner, Mr R Valadon was the first chairman. The following persons served on the committee:

  • The principal, teacher training college
  • The venerable Archdeacon Victor Donat, Vicar General
  • Rev Father L T Raoul
  • Dr C Madhoo, ENT specialist
  • Dr Ahmad Cassimally
  • Mr Pierre Tyack, Deputy Director, British Red Cross
  • Mr Louis Espitalier Noel
  • Mr B Mulloo
  • Mr Joseph Smith
  • Mrs M Delaitre
  • Mrs Padma Ghurburrun
  • Mrs V Ringadoo
  • Mrs Zubeda Moollan
  • Mrs Lalita Panray
  • The Social welfare Supervisor (Secretary). Mr Guy Tadebois was the first secretary.


List of Chairman from 1969 to now

  • Mr B Jomadar (OBE) (1966-1981)
  • Mr Guy Marot (1982-1992)
  • Mr B Jomadar (OBE) (1993-1995)
  • Miss Noorjehan Joonas (1996 – to date)


Those who have greatly contributed to SWD from beginning to now.

  • Sir Guy Forget
  • Sir Abdul razack Mohamed
  • Mr Regis Valadon
  • Mr B Jomadar
  • Dr C Madhoo
  • Dr Francois Guy
  • Miss Claude Icery
  • Sr Marie De La Visitation
  • Miss Pearl Toolsy
  • Mrs Amina Joonas
  • Mr Guy Marot
  • Miss Noorjehan Joonas
  • Mr J D Mareachealee


The milestones in the history of the SWD

  • 1965 – Inception of the organization
  • 1968- Enacted by Parliament
  • 1970- Opening of School for the Deaf
  • 1973- Opening of Units in Maingard
  • 1982- Opening of Unit in Clairfond, Vacoas
  • 1988- Opening of Ear Mould Laboratory
  • 1988- First Telethon organized by Municipality BB/RH
  • 1989- Visit of Delegation from Commonwealth Society for the Deaf, UK
  • 1990- Opening of unit in Forest side
  • 1991 Opening of unit in Goodlands
  • 1992- Visit of Delegation from De La Bat Institute for the Deaf, Cape Town, SA
  • 1995 Hearing Aid Repairs Workshop
  • 1998 Introduction of IT at the school
  • 2002 Development of Mauritian Sign Language Project
  • 2003 New Audiology and Speech therapy Unit
  • 2005 Launching of the first Mauritian Sign Language Dictionary
  • 2005 Twinning of the School for the Deaf with L’Institut National de Jeunes Sourds, Paris


What are the facilities offered by SWD now?

  • Parental Guidance
  • Pre primary, primary and pre vocational classes
  • Audiology and hearing aids dispensing
  • Audiometry Unit provides audiology testing (Audiogram) and advice on types of hearing aids required.
  • Hearing aid fitting and tuning also done.
  • Free Field testing also available.
  • Speech therapy and language development. Speech Therapy unit provides speech therapy and language development sessions mainly to school children.
  • Ear Mould making. The Ear mould laboratory, started in 1988, making around 1000 ear moulds yearly. Hard Acrylic and soft silicon types are available. It is manned by 3 technicians (2 of them hearing impaired).
  • Hearing aids maintenance and repairs
  • Provision of batteries for hearing aids
  • IT classes
  • Sign language classes
  • Sports and extra curricular activities
  • Special transport for school children
  • Services of a psychologist .
  • Mauritian Sign language teaching
  • Referral for Medical treatment at ENT and other hospitals



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