Steps to follow if someone is impaired.

If you think that someone have a hearing loss, you need to see a specialist.

  • The doctor will refer to the audiology unit of ENT hospital for audiology testing and prescription of hearing aid.
  • Hearing aids may be obtained from ministry of social security, SWDEAF or private companies.
  • Ear moulds prepartion at SWDEAF, Hearing aid fitting and tuning at SWDEAF

Procedures to get these hearing aids

  • Visit the ENT Specialist who will advise on whether to go for audiogram
  • An audiogram will be done at the Audiology Department (Hospital or private)
  • Fill in a form at Social Security office of locality to apply for Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Aid is dispensed by the Ministry of Social Security or at SWD
  • Ear Mould impression will be done at the SWDeaf
  • Fitting and tuning of Hearing Aid will be done by a technician of the SWD



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