Hearing Aids

There exist different kinds of aids

  • BTE : Behind the Ear
  • ITE : In the Ear
  • ITC: In the Canal
  • Body level Aids

SWD takes into consideration Quality, Robustness, size, degree of hearing impairment and price before choosing a type of hearing aid.

The prices of hearing aids from SWD varies from Rs 7 000 to 15 000. On the market the price hearing aids are between Rs 5 500 and 50 000.


How to use these hearing aids

Hearing aids need to be fitted and tuned by trained personnel. Depending on the type, an ear mould may be required and this must be of good quality and properly fitted to ensure optimal use of HA.

Tips for maintenance of these hearing aids.

  • Must be kept in a dry environment when not in use, as humidity will reduce the efficacy of the aids
  • Regular change of batteries and maintenance of apparatus
  • More tips will be available on the site

Repairs that are done at SWD

  • General maintenance of hearing aids.
  • Replacement of spare parts such as switch

Procedures to get your hearing aid repaired.

  • Bring Hearing aid along with audiogram at SWDeaf.
  • Inspection by Hearing Aid technician for possibility of repairs
  • Quotation and details of repairs provided to patient
  • Repairs done against a contribution covering mainly cost of spare parts



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